Organ Tapes - Words Fall To Ground

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  • The London-based Organ Tapes, AKA Tim Zha, is a Bala Club-affiliated vocalist and producer. He's appeared at the club night and on its first label compilation, and has made tracks with the crew's Uli K. Zha uses vocoder vocals to make sensitive, bedroom-style R&B in a post-Sad Boys vein, full of tender rawness and angst. On Words Fall To Ground, he collaborates with friends Malibu, Ssaliva and Soda Plains. In a better world, "Guess Riddim," with its trappy snares and synth swells, and "Believer," with its thugged vocal woofs and gentle bashment rhythm, would be chart hits. "Turned" and "Painless," produced with Soda Plains and Ssaliva, are noisy and distorted. But light synths and Zha's melancholy vocals help maintain an intriguing balance of sweetness and aggression. Informed by both the mainstream and the experimental underground, Zha and his collaborators make music that feels affecting in its stark honesty. Words Fall To Ground feels more emotionally complex than most of what's in the charts, but for anyone attuned to the sound palette of the internet, it's no less accessible.
  • Tracklist
      01. Guess Riddim feat. Malibu 02. Painless feat Ssaliva 03. Turned fest. Soda Plains 04. Believer