Sasha - Out Of Time

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  • Sasha and Kompakt might make sense together now, but they were worlds apart in their turn-of-the-millennium heydays. They now both push gently trancey techno with big melodies and big emotions. Booming and catchy with an unashamedly poppy heart, Sasha's latest record, which pairs him with the Poliça singer Channy Leaneagh, is a rock-solid Kompakt debut. "Out Of Time" isn't a home run, but it presses some of the right buttons. Its deep, throaty bassline, dramatic chords and hooky vocals are chained to chugging percussion, reeling you in with their big-room flavour. Patrice Bäumel's version of "Out Of Time" feels more contemporary, twisting the original's melody into a major-key inversion. It punches up where the original curves down. Leaneagh's vocal phrases become triumphant—the track sticks in your head like a good Top 40 song. This helps make it an ideal Kompakt record, striking a great balance between pop and the dance floor.
  • Tracklist
      01. Out Of Time feat. Poliça 02. Out Of Time feat. Poliça (Patrice Bäumel Mix) 03. Out Of Time feat. Poliça (Instrumental)