Various - 10.VIII

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  • When Semantica wraps up its ten-year anniversary series, the list of contributors will read like a who's-who of adventurous modern techno. Most of the tracks in the series, which is up to its eighth edition, have been deep and meditative, but each instalment has been cleverly diverse. 10.VIII, the latest EP, bundles tunes from Regis, Neel, Ctrls and SHXCXCHCXSH, and provides another considered balance between deep and confrontational sounds. The A-side, with Neel's "Souls On The Run" and a Regis remix of Svreca's "Peels A Tangerine," holds the introspective options. Neel contributes a straight-down-the-line headtrip with tribalist percussion and a heaving bassline that seems to swallow the kick. Regis's rework has a tougher beat and more progression across its eight minutes, thanks to a bleep melody and a flurry of claps. The B-side is rowdier. Ctrls twists Svaag's "Saade" into a shuffling roller with industrial flourishes, stacking layers of jarring bleeps and synths atop a beat that builds from a half-time crawl to a jackhammer. Good luck playing SHXCXCHCXSH's "Blomkål" in a club. Somewhere between Ancient Methods and a pile of radioactive sludge, it's a risky option but it could melt minds in the best DJs' hands.
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      A1 Svreca - Peels A Tangerine (Regis Remix) A2 Neel - Souls On The Run B1 Svaag - Saade (Ctrls Remix) B2 SHXCXCHCXSH - Blomkål