LAPS - Who Me?

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  • With Golden Teacher seemingly on hiatus, fans of the Glasgow band should seek solace in its active side projects. Step forward LAPS, the project from Golden Teacher's Cassie Ojay (AKA Lady Two Collars) and Organs Of Love's Alicia Matthews (AKA Sue Zuki). Three years on from a grubby 12-inch on Clan Destine, their second LAPS record, for MIC, confidently refines their sound without losing its rough charm. Varied vocals are key to LAPS. Mutant strains of dub production also frame much of Who Me?'s music. But like any act reared at The Green Door Studio, dub isn't the only genre Ojay and Matthews touch on. The taut title track sees them explore the long-established relationship between dub and post-punk, as Ojay's multi-lingual lead vocals add extra spike. "Edges" is the funnest track, with brash lyrics spat over scattergun percussion before they descend into a maelstrom of dog barks and hi-hats. The cavernous "Gush" and "Ode To Daughter" offer LAPS's more serious side—the latter is particularly uneasy. "Lady Bug" ends the record on a high, as the duo apply their studio techniques to what could be called Glaswegian freestyle. Ojay's vocals work especially well, floating freely over the loose, superbly dubbed-out house bump below.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Gush A2 Who Me? B1 Ode To Daughter B2 Edges B3 Lady Bug