Lucy - The Hermit / The High Priestess

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  • In tarot, The Hermit and The High Priestess cards both relate to inner knowledge. The Hermit is associated with introspected learning and soul-seeking, while The High Priestess is linked to intuition. Both are steeped in symbolism, mythology and spiritualism, much like Lucy's output lately. His music is meditative, and an extension of his personal philosophy on sound and spirituality. It gives his records a magnetic, psychoacoustic property that resonates on a level beyond skin, organs and bone. Both tracks on The Hermit / The High Priestess use warm, inviting and gently repetitive rhythms aimed at inducing a state of trance. Both have a mildly discomforting background pressure as well. The effect creates an environment in which you are acutely aware of what's happening. It draws you deep into the composition's fabric, so you zone in on details like the lovely modulated gongs on "The Hermit." Lucy doesn't just gesture towards mysticism—his productions are mystical in their own way. He writes music that nods to the ancient, but it is delivered in a modern, industrial idiom. Listen carefully to "The High Priestess" and follow the evolution of its miniature sounds. There's something like a bird call in the beginning, and by the end the atmosphere is thick with creaking metal and machine drones. However you interpret it, there's something poetic at work.
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      A The Hermit B The High Priestess