Gert P - Tepel Geweer

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  • Here's the thing about gabber: it's a load of fun. Its speed can be intimidating, but you can gain a lot by yielding to its breakneck beats. It's fundamentally about unity, friendship, coming together with mates and blowing off steam. It's not trendy, cool or intellectual, and right now it's a wonderful antidote to any techno taking itself too seriously. Cue Tepel Geweer, Gert P's debut EP for Earwiggle. It's not gabber per se, but it counts the style as a major influence. A colourful and playful take on '90s hardcore, it's set to a techno pace we can all cope with. Hoover blasts and vintage analog sounds are all over Tepel Geweer. The effect initially gives it a shameless retro feel, but you soon realise that Gert P's tracks are more modern than they let on. He isn't rehashing the past so much as using old tropes like putty, stretching and moulding them into exciting new shapes. Take "Ik Wil," which sounds scuffed in a manicured way, like denim ripped to perfection. The middle rave stab is looped to delirium, which seams to wear you down more than pick you up. The same thing happens at the start of "Het Steekt!," which feels even more attritious until it lurches up a gear. "Loopjongen" is the EP's most ravey track, with soaring acid crescendos. Tepel Geweer (translation: nipple gun) is loaded with silly humour, and is meant to be consumed on the dance floor without much afterthought. It will get you moving while casting inhibitions aside.
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      A1 Takke A2 Ik Wil B1 Het Steekt! B2 Loopjongen