Various - But Darling, It's Hideous

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  • Contort Yourself's compilations have reissued obscurities from pioneering industrial acts such as Pankow, Die Form, Esplendor Geométrico, Zombies Under Stress and Le Syndicat. If you don't know who any of these groups are, then the label must be doing something right. Each vinyl comes with a remix and a set of new tracks. The sixth edition revolves around the UK sound artist Nigel Ayers and his prolific Nocturnal Emissions project, which he launched in 1980. With Nocturnal Emissions, Ayers has covered a range of experimental music styles, from dub to dark ambient—with lots of machine noise. When you listen to this EP's two reissued tracks, you can see why Innsyter (AKA Seixlack) has been added to the mix. "Demon Circuits Bloodbath" is a grumbling electro hellhound, and the electrocuted "Even The Good Times Are Bad" is even badder. Innsyter makes the same kind of grungy, decomposing techno, but 30 years later. His "Todis" is swampy and clanking, and sews up But Darling, It's Hideous's B-side nicely. "Untitled (15)," by the rising Greek talent Penelope's Fiance, is a haunted combination of guitar riffs and ghostly resonance. As U-202, Ron Morelli's remix of "Even The Good Times Are Bad" continues the ghoulish vibe, recalling the creepy ambient Nocturnal Emissions is also known for. Then Torrent starts grinding those gears in "EXE 2 Blueprint," which rounds off the A-side.
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      A1 Penelope's Fiance - Untitled (15) A2 Nocturnal Emissions - Even The Good Times Are Bad (U-202's Always Having A Bad Time Mix) A3 Torrent - EXE 2 Blueprint B1 Nocturnal Emissions - Demon Circuits Bloodbath B2 Nocturnal Emissions - Even The Good Times Are Bad B3 Innyster - Todis