Mr Oizo – Stunt

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  • Mr Oizo, of ‘Flat Beat’ fame makes a welcome return to the F Communications stable with a two tracker of the usual Oizo standards. First up is Stunt, and needless to say its an intense piece of electro funk for lack of any other better description. The beats are minimal, but the electro synths and electro patterns that roll are quite forceful. An addictive production that works quite well at normal speed or pitched down quite a bit, this is another quality piece of electronic music from Mr. Oizo. 1$44 follows and it is quite a down tempo piece of music. Big stabbing synths attack alongside some smooth beat patterns as well some very quirky interludes late on in the track. Very weird! Interesting from Mr. Oizo, and that is perhaps why this release stands out like it does! Needless to say that it is a pretty good release, with ‘Stunt’ providing the highlight.