Powder - H

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  • Versatility is proving to be one of Powder's defining traits. It's evident in her mixes and the way she tailors her productions to suit the labels she works with. On her Cocktail d'Amore 12-inch, H, Powder seeks to capture the joy she saw at the Berlin party in 2015. As ever, her personality shines through. It's heard in the pumping spurts of acid that drive the taut opener, "Hip," and the sample used in the opening seconds of "Heart," where a woman offers a snarky response to someone berating her smoking habit. You can imagine "Heart," a snappy disco number that builds to a dramatic crescendo, sending the Cocktail d'Amore dance floor into a frenzy. "Hole," on the B-side, is the most disorienting and bugged-out track in Powder's small discography. Dank industrial rhythms set the tone, but quickly disappear as they are dragged off grid by a waspy bassline. More percussion surfaces, steadying things, but the track still feels like it's leaning to one side. The psychedelic closer, "Hair," seems made for those late-night moments when a crowd feels they can reach out and touch the rhythms coming from the speakers.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Hip A2 Heart B1 Hole B2 Hair