Booka Shade - Stupid Questions

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  • More solid tunes to come out of Berlin based Get Physical Music here with a solid release from Booka Shade, including 2 brand new productions from the trio of Walter Merziger, Arno Kammermeyer and Peter Hayo. Stupid Questions is on the a-side and it goes on its travels very nicely with some deep baselines that work well with some crisp drum patterns. A dark electro vocal is subtle and adds a nice touch, especially late in the track where the sounds get a little quirkier and tougher. A very nice production that is quirky at times, and chunky at others. On the flip, Up is definitely a little more quirky and unique then the a-side. The beats are quite crisp and minimal, and the sounds a little industrial and minimal early on. Soon enough, a deep rumbling baseline enters the track giving it fair bit of thickness, especially late on in the track when the drum pattern intensifies with an increase in hats and percussion. Interesting to say the least. A pretty nice release here again on this good solid label, with the a-side in particular providing the finer more conventional moments!