Dreamcast - Liquid Deep

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  • Davon Bryant, AKA Dreamcast, is a young singer and producer from Washington DC. Andrew Morgan, who runs Peoples Potential Limited, the local label releasing his first physical release, originally thought he was Swedish. He met Morgan a few years ago at a never-aired DC Boiler Room party, but they didn't discuss Bryant's music in-depth. Years later, Bryant was trawling for beats on SoundCloud, finding smooth modern funk tracks made by Sasac, a producer from Stockholm in PPU's orbit. As Dreamcast, Bryant sang over the Sasac instrumentals. Morgan heard them, but didn't realize Dreamcast was the kid he knew from around town. Liquid Deep's story may speak to the globalization of niche scenes or the importance of local music communities. But these points are pushed aside by the quality of the music. Sasac's laidback funk is a great match for Bryant's silky smooth falsetto. After muttering something about the local convenience store being out of Backwoods blunts, Bryant owns the playful groove, working up to a catchy chorus before the second verse, which goes: "Take my time witcha baby / I been moving slow / Play you like my board / All up and down the keys." It's a woozy R&B gem from the self-described "light skin Keith Sweat." "Summer Love" is also a winner, as Bryant nails the feeling of fleeting romance over Sasac's spiraling, guitar-heavy production. Liquid Deep is an exciting debut that emphasises PPU's interest in developing new talent.
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      A Liquid Deep B Summer Love