Telephones - Vibes Remixes

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  • From Claudja Barry to Sueño Latino to Panda Bear, countless artists over the decades have used their music to summon lush, tropical atmospheres. These days, few do it better than Henning Severud, the Norwegian producer known as Telephones. The Ocean Called, his 2014 EP on Running Back, was one of the finest examples of balmy house in recent memory (made all the better by the sly Seinfeld reference in its title). Last year, he explored the sound further on his debut album, Vibe Telemetry. Now, Call Super and DJ Fett Burger, two artists with their own brands of balearic flair, rework album's last track, "DTMF," on a remix EP for Running Back. Call Super's remix might be the most euphoric track he's ever done, with splashy snares and soaring keys floating in a mirage of bird calls and misty pads. In this breezy atmosphere, the skipping rhythm and uplifting bassline call to mind the pleasure of stepping off a plane into perfect weather. DJ Fett Burger stretches out a bit, much as he did on last September's remix for Club No-No. "U DTMF Party Jungel (DJ Fett Burger's Understated Moss Phlox Mix)" is 15 minutes long and seemingly improvised, but far more grounded than that might sound. This is straightforward disco house, with strutting drums, a thick bassline and reams of bongos. Fett Burger keeps things fresh by changing the arrangements over time, tweaking the melodic hook, swapping out the old drum loops for new ones (like the breaky number that comes in about halfway through). Each remix carries the distinctive style of its artist, but both deliver sun-kissed rhythms perfectly suited to the warm months ahead.
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      A DTMF (Call Super Remix) B U DTMF Party Jungel (DJ Fett Burger's Understated Moss Phlox Mix)