Various - Ulithi

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  • Micronesia is a new deep house label named after a group of beautiful islands in the South Pacific. Stamped with palm trees and pressed onto marbled wax the colour of tropical waters, the project has a clear sound: slow, relaxed and meditative. On Micronesia's second release, it plucks more names from around the world—Adelaide, Berlin, Wisconsin—for another 12-inch of chilled-out grooves. If there's a standout on Ulithi, it's "Ask" from Joel Shanahan (AKA Golden Donna) and Julian Lynch. It's so laid-back it takes two minutes before anything happens, but, once its sighing horn sample locks into the dusty groove, it gives off the worn charm of an old tiki bar. Duijn & Douglas's "Remarkster" is another highlight, with percolating chords and a bumpy techno-style bassline that doesn't detract from the EP's tranquil mood. Omar Santis's brief "Like Buttah On Yo Breakfast Toast" has pads that shimmer like palm fronds swaying in the wind. The other two tracks, both untitled, are less to write a postcard home about. LK offers a loping house track that could use some extra bite, while VGAV's effort edges towards moody electro, which makes it a little out of step with the rest of the EP.
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      A1 LK - Untitled A2 Shanahan & Lynch - Ask B1 Duijn & Douglas - Remarkster B2 Omar Santis - Like Buttah On Yo Breakfast Toast B3 VGAV - Untitled