Marl Chingus – 6 Months Earlier / Moaning About Technology

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  • Marl Chingus is the collaboration of Laurent Garnier and Llorca, which immediately should arouse some level of interest with this release. And to celebrate 10 Years, F Communications have re-released this classic release which includes 2 solid productions by the duo. First up is 6 Months Earlier, which is indeed a deep house anthem to many. A smooth baseline is the feature here, alongside nice drum patterns as well as electro vibes that feature throughout as well. Moaning About Technology follows on the flip and it is quite a retro electronic outing. Wobbling baselines combine with a quirky spoken vocal as well as creep twisted effects and sounds. A solid re-release from the F Com boys, and without doubt a release that will spark plenty of interests amongst the trainspotters.