Pris - For A Better Understanding Remixed

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  • For his Resin label's tenth release, Pris hands his 2015 For A Better Understanding EP to four remixers he says have helped shape his view on techno. It makes for an unusually diverse EP from a producer who usually favours the dark and moody. Shifted and Reeko treat their task like careful tailoring jobs. Like he did on Appropriation Stories, Shifted turns tiny textures into a monolithic techno tool on "Devil In The Detail," while Reeko's rework of "Reef" is a bear of a track. Both are fine efforts, but they feel greyscale next to their more imaginative A-side counterparts. Stenny's version of "Reef" shifts all the weight to the low-end so every broken beat hits with brute force. He injects his personality into Pris's track without overtaking it. Then there's Blawan, who feeds "Dodeca" through a woodchipper and makes a bumpy granular jam with the pieces. His remix, a psychedelic odyssey with glitches and twists, is the EP's standout. (The squealing noise at the end is particularly satisfying.) This first EP on Resin since 2015 hints at a more open outlook for the future.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Dodeca (Blawan Remix) A2 Reef (Stenny Remix) B1 Devil In The Detail (Shifted Remix) B2 Reef (Reeko Remix)