SciFiSol - Experimental Drawingboard

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  • SciFiSol is an alias of Christina Broussard, a multifaceted producer and vocalist from Portland. As her debut EP for Detroit Underground proves, her style varies a lot. "Twist Her" is from one of Broussard's Bandcamp-only EPs, and best represents her sinister electronic pop side. Breathy vocals mingle with a moody atmosphere to form a fog of seduction. The pace is sluggish with harsh, minimal percussion. "Screen Love," the other vocal track, is more club orientated. If "Twist Her" is the lure, then "Screen Love" is the moment of attack. Broussard strikes out with stinging arpeggios, as an oppressive heaviness bears down from all sides. Her voice is different, too. It's denser and more metallic, like it's part of the machinery that's crushing you into a cube. "Experimental Drawingboard" is swinging 4/4 techno with graceful industrial touches, while "303X" exemplifies the skulking machine trips Broussard is better known for.
  • Tracklist
      01. Experimental Drawingboard 02. Twist Her 03. Screen Love 04. 303X