Avril – Be Yourself (Remixes)

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  • An F-Communications favourite, Avril returns to the label armed with 2 new reworks of Be Yourself. Laurent Garnier and Broadcast are the remixes, but do they live up to expectations. The Laurent Garnier Remix is a mist confess, very disappointing. Grungy is probably the best word to describe it, and apart from a pretty nice baseline, the track really lacks any solid features. The beats are muddled, but not in a good way, and main guitar riffs are quite headache inducing. The Broadcast Remix is not quite that good either. The beats are quite intense but have no depth, the effects are also quite scattered alongside the vocal that is in French apart from the obvious main line of ‘Be Yourself’. The production on the whole though is lacking in any real depth and is quite disappointing. I was really trying to find something that I would like with this release but apart from a baseline on the a-side, I fell way short. Disappointing is a word that I easily found however, especially from Laurent Garnier who is capable of much better. Maybe i missed something here?