Landside ‎- Uncharted Remixes EP

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  • As Landside, Hunter/Game and the Icelandic band Kúra make deep, warm and rolling music. Their four records so far have included a cast of remixers—Avatism, Ripperton and Chymera—who brought different touches to the project's sound. The latest Landside record, a remix package of tracks from their recent Signs Of Change and Chains EPs for Just This, features the most intriguing collection of remixers yet: Robert Hood, Etapp Kyle, Bambounou and Edanticonf. Robert Hood's massive rework of "Signs Of Change" is a muscular banger bulked up by icy synth blasts and a glimmer of the original's ghostly vocals. Bambounou reworks the same track with a different approach. Where Hood went for solid techno, the French producer delivers vapor, arranging slivers of percussion and spacey details around a smudged, organic groove. (This gets further melted down on his digital-only "Dub Mix.") The other two remixes are more straightforward cuts of swirling techno. Etapp Kyle cloaks "Signs Of Change" in layers of smoke and echoing vocals, while Edanticonf turns "Desert Lake" into a gloomy chugger.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Signs Of Change (Robert Hood Remix) A2 Signs Of Change (Etapp Kyle Remix) B1 Signs Of Change (Bambounou Remix) B2 Desert Lake (Edanticonf Remix) Digital: Signs Of Change (Bambounou Dub Mix)