Chaos In The CBD - Accidental Meetings

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  • Ben and Louis Helliker-Hales, AKA Chaos In The CBD, have come a long way since their first record in 2011. The brothers moved from Auckland to Peckham, linking up with local projects like Rhythm Section and the YAM Records store. Their sound, originally at the more straightforward end of deep house, has matured to become lush, percussive and delicate. After four big records last year, they start 2017 with Accidental Meetings. It launches In Dust We Trust, their new label with fellow London-based New Zealander Jon Sable. Ben and Louis use soul and jazz samples to craft their loungey sound. The title track evokes this scene with a female vocal and muffled bar chatter. Alongside a swirl of Rhodes piano and featherweight percussion, the woman's soft song (a Stevie Wonder cover) glides through the warm and hazy space as though she's there, microphone in hand with musicians at her back. The other tracks swing more, but are less seductive. "North Pole Cafe" has a playful and twinkling bounce, while "United Identities" and "Distorted Fields," with hand drums and suave, strutting rhythms, are deeper.
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      A1 Accidental Meetings A2 North Pole Cafe B1 United Identities B2 Distorted Fields