Various - Planet Giegling Tour EP

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  • One of the most sought-after tunes from the Traumprinz/DJ Metatron vault lands on this 12-inch, which is being sold at gigs on the label's current world tour. The track—aching vocal samples, majestic strings, a wonderfully loping beat—arrives in the same form as when we first heard them. "Where Is Home?" has been burned into every Giegling diehard's brain, but that doesn't make its arrival less welcome. Kettenkarussell also stand out with "Walk With Me," which features downcast chords and a house rhythm. Somewhere between forlorn and spirited, it's a signature Giegling tune. Vril's untitled track, meanwhile, sounds like surging '90s techno burnt to a sizzling crisp, as melodies billow and bubble underneath the crust. Edward rounds off the EP with a classy techno cut, also untitled, featuring attractive, glinting textures. As Giegling grows—with an around-the-world jaunt, gallery shows, an eight-LP box set and 16-hour partiesPlanet Giegling is proof that the outfit's core ethos hasn't changed.
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      A1 Traumprinz - Where Is Home? A2 Vril - Untitled B1 Kettenkarussell - Walk With Me B2 Edward - Untitled