DJ Fett Burger ‎- Pub 18 / 411 Esperanza

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  • A series of notes are inscribed on the label of DJ Fett Burger's latest EP, the disco-fortified Pub 18 / 411 Esperanza. "Bassline from Francis Inferno Orchestra," is the message on the A-side, "Pub 18." On "411 Esperanza," the Australian duo Sleep D are credited for bass and sound effects. It's unclear whether DJ Fett Burger made Pub 18 / 411 Esperanza with these producers in the same room. But the record is so easygoing that it seems like the product of a string of nights spent together in a cramped studio, with empty beer bottles and overflowing ashtrays on the coffee table. Pub 18 / 411 Esperanza's sounds—lardy disco basslines, moist hand drums, gently melodic pads—are as crisp as always. Carefully chosen details, though, are what make it compelling. Between the processed double bass and distant hand drums of "Pub 18," a rattled aerosol can gives the rhythm extra spice. DJ Fett Burger hushes the horn blasts on "411 Esperanza," leaving congas and dub effects space to bob in the mid-range. Fett Burger's tracks combine a record collector's knowledge with a DJ's sensitivity to the pulse of a dance floor. Whether they adopt breakbeat, dub or disco, his 12-inches sound like no one else.
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      A 411 Esperanza B Pub 18