As Longitude - Blauer Part

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  • Knekelhuis is a platform for contemporary artists who love the primitive electronics of the '70s and '80s. Records from artists as diverse as Maoupa Mazzocchetti, Laurène Exposito and Parrish Smith fit snugly in the Amsterdam label's catalogue. As Longitude, a new addition to Knekelhuis's roster, continues the label's interest in the obscure and experimental. As Longitude is the Berlin duo of Laura ODL and Eva Geist—ODL is one of the city's many DJs, while Geist is a decorated Italian musician. They met at the Berlin venue Sameheads, and went on to release an As Longitude tape on the venue's impressive cassette series in 2016. Some of the music from that tape appears on Blauer Part, whose five tracks suggest As Longitude are keen students of Das Ding, CHBB and John Bender. Blauer Part also reveals As Longitude's inner musical torment: they seem torn between a desire to aggravate and charm. The rusted "Kalte Fusse" is a vicious exercise in harsh frequencies, but other tracks have subtle poppy qualities. The brief, lilting finale, "Sharks Are Coming," recalls labelmate Laurène Exposito's EYE project, while "Black Rice"'s Frak-esque bassline will raise plenty of smiles. Adventurous DJs will have fun with this record ("Pink Is Orange" could be a future Salon Des Amateurs classic), but As Longitude don't seem too concerned with making people dance. Instead, they continue the tradition of experimentation pioneered in the synth wave era.
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      A1 Black Rice A2 Pink Is Orange B1 Kalte Fusse B2 Blauer Part B3 Sharks Are Coming