Equiknoxx - Fly Away

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  • A sense of the unexpected runs through Equiknoxx's productions. Gavsborg and Time Cow, the group's key members and beatmakers, work within dancehall's framework, but they have an ear for oddness. It's the first thing you notice about "Fly Away," which opens with soft synths, Equiknoxx's signature bird calls and what sounds like heavily delayed granular synthesis—the kind of thing you might hear on an electro-acoustic musique concréte jam. Digital thumb pianos and melodica-style organs lead us into the bass drop and Alozade's vocal. Gavsborg, "Fly Away"'s producer, sounds like he's homed in on a basement banger, but there's a freeness to the sounds that feels playful and innovative—even within the adventurous realm of digital dancehall. There's a slight stiffness to Alozade's flow, which suits his badman chant, and his gravelly tone is a counterweight to the track's whimsy. The inclusion of a clean version of "Fly Away" speaks to its pop potential.
  • Tracklist
      01. Fly Away feat. Alozade & Gavsborg 02. Fly Away feat. Alozade & Gavsborg (Clean Version)