Jasss - Es Complicado

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  • The sound design of Jasss's debut EP, Caja Negra, was impressive. It presented four cuts of deft and sinewy techno funk while going beyond the norm to swoop through stranger, psychedelic ethers. It had a bewitching quality, which was especially heard in the tribalist "Lift," which rattled like a snake charmer, and stomped and chanted like a hypnotic fireside ritual. Mother, for Berlin-based cold wave purveyors Mannequin, shelved the acid in favour of EBM grot and industrial gristle. The results were just as trippy. We're treated to more nonconforming techno on Es Complicado. The title track is a lengthy meditation in noise. Vintage drums give it an EBM heartbeat, but it's really about the rest of the clangour surrounding it: didgeridoo drone, a swarming mob of bees and the expert modulation of noise. "No Chance" is like a combination of earlier Jasss tracks "Lift" and "Gates To Nowhere." It's a mystical, decomposing tribal construct that sounds strange and scary. And good, too.
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      A Es Complicado B No Chance