Nackt - Night System

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  • Oakland's Johnny Igaz, AKA Nackt, was a model citizen when it came to his local dance music community. When he wasn't working the door at a party, he'd be DJing or on the dance floor supporting his friends. ("They sleep, we live" was tattooed on Igaz's arms.) It made his death in the Oakland fire all the more heart-wrenching. The scene hadn't just lost a talented DJ and producer, but a well-loved person who left an impression on everyone he met. Igaz had signed his first-ever full vinyl release to Chrissy and Alex Burkat's The Nite Owl Diner imprint before the Oakland fire. (He'd previously released a cassette on 100% Silk, and had a track on the label's upcoming Sensate Silk compilation.) The vinyl EP, Night System, now carries an enormous weight, but it was never meant to—it's just a collection of joyous dance tracks built with the moods and sounds associated with Igaz. Three of Night System's four tunes are collaborations, and all of them feature big acid lines. The title track, produced with Honey Soundsystem's Jason Kendig, is the standout, with a subtly dark undercurrent offset by bright pads—the kind of basement jam that can feel sinister and uplifting at once. "Depth Of Field," Igaz's only solo track, is also subterranean, complete with James Brown-style grunts that give it a whip-crack sense of funk. The other two tracks, produced with Igaz's frequent studio partner CM-4, are much brighter. "Ocean View," another highlight, features a wriggling synth lead with just the right amount of filter work. He teases broad Tin Man-style acid strokes beneath the beat before finally letting them lock into a groove. "Need To Know," meanwhile, nods to Italo. Orthodox and inventive, Night System was produced by someone in love with dance music. Judging from the tributes that poured out after Igaz's death, dance music was in love with him, too.
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      A1 Nackt & Kendig - Night System A2 Nackt & CM-4 - Need To Know B1 Nackt - Depth Of Field B2 Nackt & CM-4 - Ocean View