Succhiamo - Succhiamo EP

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  • Zaltan's Antinote label has been a consistent source of strange gems since it launched five years ago. Starting as an outlet for forgotten techno tapes from the '90s, it soon began to cover broader sounds. Antinote's most recent offering is modern electroclash from the little-known band Succhiamo. The band's name translates to "we suck" in Italian, which hints at the their cheekiness before you've even listened to this self-titled EP. Succhiamo's title track dives in with saturated drum machines, which pave the way for a sting of sexy Italian verbs spoken by a mysterious female voice, discordant EBM-influenced melodies and the occasional screech. "Al Supermercato" uses a similar template, this time delivering a deadpan grocery list, heavy breathing and slightly maniacal laughing. Succhiamo is rumoured to be a French duo comprising Paula from psychedelic garage band J.C.Satàn, and Panoptique, a member of shoegaze band Lonely Walk who released a techno EP on Antinote in 2014. That said, Succhiamo still sounds like Italian punks trying their hand at electroclash after sneering through a Miss Kittin & The Hacker show in 2001. Despite electroclash's questionable reputation these days, Succhiamo's new iteration does not suck.
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      A Succhiamo B Al Supermercato