5ive, Samo DJ & Powder - Drunkenstein

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  • Samo Forsberg's latest release on The Trilogy Tapes continues an ongoing partnership with Takenori "5ive" Goto that dates back to 2008. The tracks were recored during the studio sessions that birthed last year's Some Song Teachers on Public Possession, with the addition of Powder. Forsberg told me he spent a week in Tokyo recording with the pair last summer, and reminisced about Goti's E-mu sampler and Korg Triton, which was found discarded on a street. Only Drunkenstein's title track features all three producers, but the same sense of humidity permeates the whole record. It's not clear who did what on "Drunkenstein." The track’s pleasant, dubby sheen coats a subtle nine-minute progression. A casual listen will leave the tinny synth motif nestled in your memory, but also focus on the track's peculiar details. There is a more immediate dynamic to "Ethno Room," where a rumbling low-end jostles with chirruping keys and xylophone. "End Game" might be the best track. Forsberg and Goti utilise the E-mu sampler, but it's the delayed Korg tones, smeared like a greedy kid spreading peanut butter on bread, that grab you.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Drunkenstein feat. Powder B1 Ethno Room B2 End Game