Fiedel - Substance B

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  • When it comes to Berlin techno, Fiedel is one of the originals. He was there when The Wall came down, has been collaborating with Errorsmith as MMM since 1996, and used to work at Hard Wax. He's been a resident DJ at Berghain since it opened, and was a resident at Ostgut, the club's predecessor. Anyone who has spent that much time so close to the dance floor knows what they're doing, which his solo singles have proven. It's easy to imagine Substance B's title track being played in Berghain. Its soundsystem and room has probably influenced the productions of all its residents. The track's rough kicks underpin a full-bodied, panning synth sweep while hi-hats hiss and snares sizzle. But as powerful as "Substance B" feels, the two B-side tracks provide even ravier energy, which makes them feel more fun. With "S-Drive"'s acid synth line played over bustling breakbeats and "Track 432"'s crafty percussion and ever-enlarging synth blares, the B-side has plenty of subtle versatility. That said, each track on Substance B is a high-octane banger with a different peak-time flavour.
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      A1 Substance B B1 Track 432 B2 S-Drive