Makcim & Levi - 1055ml EP

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  • Anyone following iO (Mulen), John Dimas and Sublee might think we're in the midst of a tech house revival. Abstract minimal, the kind associated with Ricardo Villalobos and Rhadoo, is almost a thing of the past, making way for, electro-tinged sounds (Spacetravel, Onur Özer, Binh), purist tech house or something more melodic (Barac, Melodie). Tech house bomb "1055ml," the title track from Makcim & Levi's new EP for Lazare Hoche Records, is rowdier than the music of iO (Mulen) or Dimas, but, like much of their work, it's held together with a fat bassline. Where others making loopy music decorate their tracks with delicate atmospherics, Makcim & Levi put all the attention on a pumping low-end, throwing open hi-hats, a snare, vocal snippets ("Whoa!") and the occasional cymbal crash on top. "1055ml" is an ambitious tune, but Makcim & Levi's classy execution makes it a safe option for DJs eyeing a big moment. The B-side is more subdued. "Sandwiches" is goofy yet considered, full of cartoonish sci-fi sounds and Perlon-style whispered vocals—don't be surprised if you hear Zip play it. "Sowhaa" is 1055ml's most laid-back track, a '00s-style deep house groover that rounds out another solid 12-inch from a label breathing new life into loopy house music.
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      A 1055ml B1 Sandwiches B2 Sowhaa