DJ Mark Farina - The Lost Baggage

  • Published
    12 Jun 2004
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    Resident Advisor
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    June 04
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  • Mark Farina San Francisco DJ/Producer, a name bought to fame from his collective releases of Mushroom Jazz, Frisko Disko, and recent follow up Air Farina. OM Records presents The Lost Baggage a 12" of three cuts taken from the album adding an additional unreleased track for Farina fans. Intelligent music Falling somewhere between Hip Hop, Jazzy soul, and house Farina's latest addition will be no surprise. Talk To Me the squelchy trademark sound and piano stabs roll through on the A-side, while It’s OK, Again (Unreleased track) rides on more of an electro sounding house beat with familiar clapping samples and looped "OK" , progressing into cuts of "It's OK" not much to the quirky track. Flip to the B-side for Gramma So recognisable Farina style with short stabbed samples with his travelling style of house music and long breaks. We Gotta Get snaps into an electro twisted beat with Mark using the vocal samples as a beat itself.Sliding in guitar half way through to funk up the tune finishing up with his long chord progressions. Grab it if you don't want to buy the double LP, all together pretty standard Farina with alot less on the jazz tip. Side A 1. Talk to Me 2. It’s OK, Again Side B 1. Gramma So 2. We Gotta Get