Junior Jack - Stupidisco

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  • One of the choice cuts from Junior Jack’s ‘Trust It’ album, ‘Stupdisco’ is prime dancefloor material, its new mixes ensuring a huge response during the Ibiza summer. With a controversial video to match (scantily clad boxing and a hastily cut voiceover from a US politician!) the publicity machine is already gathering momentum. The original is still the best though, the euphoric vocals an entirely convincing 80s send-up, set to heavier, four to the floor beats. Lee-Cabrera’s mix is tougher and quicker, more pumping, whilst the Hott 22 vocal mix goes heavy on the Gallic flavour. John ‘Julius’ Knight’s up-tempo mix is also fine fodder, completing an excellent set of mixes. Surely one of the house tunes of the year!