Terrence Parker - GOD Is Love

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  • In the last few years, a number of 12-inches from Intangible Records' most prolific period—1993 to 1997—have resurfaced alongside original material from producers like Merachka , DJ MoReese and Gunbee. Terrence Parker's best records—many of them on Intangible—worked through raw gospel vocals, vigorous piano melodies and funk grooves, musicianship typical of Detroit house and techno producers. The M1 organs on "GOD Is Love" call back to that era, but for the most part this record is too slight to warrant comparisons with vintage Terrence Parker. Mirroring the economy of his older material, the organ riff and drum pattern almost works, but without harmonic accents and a more urgent stride, they end up feeling plain. Parker's vocal does nothing to lift the energy levels. By presenting his musical signatures in more natural timbres, "Standing In The Light" is a better representation of Parker's talent. Gorgeous piano playing and gospel singing lend it a tender, understated warmth. For the emotions the track conveys, busier drums would be out of the question, but what Parker has here could occasionally use a kick, or a hi-hat, up the backside. Ring rusty as it is, "Standing In The Light"'s melodic savvy captures some of the old magic. Though an inauspicious return to his label, GOD Is Love has enough to suggest better records may yet emerge from Intangible's gradual resurrection.
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      A1 GOD Is Love A2 GOD Is Love (Instrumental Mix) B1 Standing In The Light