Redshape - Best Of Live Vol. 2

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  • The idea behind Redshape's Best Of Live series is pretty great: each track is a DJ-friendly recreation of music from his live performances. "As I always record my shows," the Berlin producer explains, "I searched for the moment in which each of those tracks had their biggest and also earliest impact. I took that recording and rebuilt them part-by-part to make them proper DJ versions without losing their live roots." It's a smart approach that suits an artist like Redshape, who has long energized his techno with live elements. After Vol. 1 appeared on Running Back in August of last year, Vol. 2 follows on Delsin with some upbeat, rhythmically dense DJ fare. Neither of these tracks gets as wild as, say, 2015's Bleep Repeat or 2013's Wires, but there's plenty of forward momentum and urgent funk. Though it's just around 125 BPM, the double-time bass chug of "London" makes it feel much faster, like a stripped-down DFA 12-inch remixed for peak hours. "Paris" takes time fleshing out the many layers of its vibrant but brutish shimmy, with a powerful, shapeshifting arp at the center. The percussion takes a back seat to the fluctuating notes as they tumble, allowing the gnarled synth tones to shrink and swell at will, which makes for some big climaxes. It's a more flashy counterpart to "London"'s spartan propulsion, but both will heap infectious energy onto a dance floor.
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      A London B Paris