Melodie - Alderaan

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  • New label owners could learn from the story of Melodie's Alderaan EP. Planned to come out in June 2016, a string of complications delayed the record's release until August, and then the final version was pressed at the wrong speed. This could have been avoided if the test pressings had been sent to the label for approval, but delays—the pressing plant moved locations in the midst of all this—made it impossible. Finally, six months past its original release date, the proper version of Alderaan arrived. Well, almost proper. The title of the A-side's tracks were switched. A delay of a few months wouldn't be a big deal for most new labels, but Alderaan's impact seems to have been lessened by these complications. "Acid Breakfast," which was originally called "Acid Saturday," has been sought-after since a video of Raresh playing it at Weather Festival 2015 went online. It's well produced, classy and, thanks to a heaving low-end, kicks hard for an otherwise laid-back tune built around a delicate acid line. The rest of the EP offers a variety of effective tracks. "Acid Saturday" recalls the breeze of Tin Man's more chilled tunes, while "Invasion" and "Post Invasion" are darker and more energetic.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Acid Saturday A2 Acid Breakfast B1 Invasion B2 Post Invasion