Annanan - New Wave Of Nature

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  • Annanan is a Berlin duo that makes haunting analog jams. To get a sense of the sound they can conjure, check Volvox's recent RA podcast. Its dark, psychedelic opener, "Fear And Love," is a molten cut of hardware techno from the duo's EP for LL.M. Heady and club-friendly is what Annanan does best, and it's what they continue to explore on their fifth record, New Wave Of Nature for Black Opal. All four tracks give heavy machinery a mysterious air, with strange textures and thick, murky atmospheres. The title track sounds both beautiful and mutant, led by an elegant piano loop that's surrounded with grimy acid squelches. "Bomb" is sparser and more of a trip, with a drifting melody that gets snubbed out by huge bass globs and slowly suffusing chords. On the B-side, "Sphere" and "Gone" are punishing techno. Big, echoing kicks are set in a blurred soundscape, while spectral details seep across it. It's nothing fancy, but the EP's dark trippiness should get the job done.
  • Tracklist
      A1 New Wave Of Nature A2 Bomb B1 Sphere B2 Gone