Steve Spacek - If U Wan 2 Find Me

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  • As Beat Spacek, Steve Spacek released an album last year that was made completely with an iPad app. These days, that doesn't necessarily dictate the style of the music, but it does say something about a producer's approach to sound. Often described as a futurist, Spacek has spent the last 15 years moving freely from electronic soul, to hip-hop, to drum & bass, with a focus on timeless songwriting and innovative grooves. On his two recent EPs for Eglo, Follow Me and, now, If U Wan 2 Find Me, he brings this perspective to dancehall and footwork. It's some of his freshest work in years. As with all of Spacek's music, If U Wan 2 Find Me—also made on an iPad—feels both soulful and hi-tech. On the title track, this is owed to the loose and swirling arrangements, where blissful keys and the artist's falsetto come down like a veil across spacey footwork. Soft as it is, a thick, quivering bassline gives the whole thing some weight, which Spacek plays up further on the B-side. "Time Is Running Out" is sparser but each element more thickset, with stark bass tones and sci-fi synths that slink around each other with mischievous motions. Spacek's singing is absent here, but no matter—his artistic voice is clear as ever.
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      A If U Wan 2 Find Me B Time Is Running Out