Nathan Fake - DEGREELESSNESS / Now We Know

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  • Noise artist Dominick Fernow and Border Community alum Nathan Fake make an odd couple. The former's music is seriously malevolent—he's a vision of pent-up fury when on stage, howling down the mic over distortion and squealing machines. But the music can also be quite lovely, in a macabre and deeply harrowing sort of way. Whether with Purient's twisted noise or the techno he makes as Vatican Shadow, Fernow invites us to dine at the table of extremes every time. Nathan Fake's incandescent, rainbow-dappled techno sits at the other end of the spectrum, and yet his collaboration with Prurient works. "DEGREELESSNESS" sparkles with just a hint of melancholia, and Fernow's presence seems small but integral. He opens the piece with bleary, incomprehensible spoken word, sounding as if he's groaning from the bottom of a well. Slowly, his voice is swallowed by Fake's melody, which includes a spangled guitar and saintly synth notes towards the end. On the B-side, "Now We Know" is nice, pastel-coloured house music that gets progressively coarser. It's surprisingly a lot tougher on the ears than "DEGREELESSNESS," which is another part of this record's appeal.
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      A DEGREELESSNESS feat. Prurient B Now We Know