Jessy Lanza - Oh No No No

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  • One of the three remixes on Jessy Lanza's Oh No No No stands apart from the others. DVA [Hi:Emotions] turns her tender "Going Somewhere" into an eight-minute soundscape of pensive synths and samples taken from Kim Kardashian's Snapchat, sounding somewhere between pop art and PAN. Lanza's presence is reduced to a looped sample of her cooing, "I just wanna impress you," while clips of Kardashian talking about makeup and Yeezy shoes play out (along with the unsettling refrain, "I don't think it's working"). It's eerie and stimulating in equal measure, picking up on the original's subtle insecurities and taking it somewhere completely unexpected—the kind of remix that transcends the format to become something new. The other two remixes are by Lanza's previous collaborators. Morgan Geist's take on "I Talk BB" doesn't have the same spark as their collaboration as The Galleria, but the skeletal framework Geist puts underneath Lanza's track highlights the nuance of her wonderful vocal performance. DJ Taye & DJ Spinn's rework of "Could B U," however, does have some magic to it. The two footwork producers pad their usual attack to make it sound romantic, like a fluttering heartbeat. Oh No No No succeeds in showing its source material in a new light.
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      01. I Talk BB (Morgan Geist Remix) 02. Could B U (DJ Taye & DJ Spinn Remix) 03. Going Somewhere (DVA [Hi:Emotions] Remix)