Juju & Jordash - What About Tuesday?

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  • With What About Tuesday?, Juju & Jordash stick to what they know. Not only in terms of music—the record captures their improvisatory house style at its best, with a set of psychedelic and texturally luscious tracks. It depicts a week in three vignettes, and it appears to be a musician's week rather than your usual nine-to-five. The Monday is "Mellow," a soothing smudge of synth work that slowly eases into a steady beat. Its momentum falls away again before reforming around a loose, exploratory keys solo, as if the track is shaking off sleep deprivation after a weekend on the road. At the other end of the week—just when most people are looking forward to their time off—there's a "Heavy" Thursday. There's a hint of discomfort in the drums' tougher stomp, and luminous synth parts slide and quiver uneasily, suggesting jittery nerves before another run of gigs and airport connections. In between, the duo find their groove on the effervescent "Wednesday Something." Deft synths play a bouncy call-and-response, while a snare drum clatters busily in the background. It's the gorgeous centrepiece to an excellent record.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Monday Mellow B1 Wednesday Something B2 Thursday, Heavy