Lostep - Burma

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  • This is finally out for commercial purchase! But what took it so long? It’s been signed to GU for some time now (I think over half a year, but who’s counting). I’m sure most of us have heard the track by now as it’s one of Sasha’s, Nick’s, and just about everyone else’s favorite track. GU describes this as a meeting of God Within and Leftfield. You must have balls to say something like that. I doubt Luke Chable and Phil K would describe it like that. Your sound better be spiritual, unique, and above all else – quality. So do I think that the description fits the bill? Actually, yes I do! One of the few times the par can come together as Lostep since for the past 24 months, each man has quickly become A-list producers and djs, touring and remixing tracks for other artist for most of the time. Doing this has taken away some of their own time to compile and create their first artist album for GU. I’m hoping they will devote more time to complete the album because Burma is an exquisite insight to what the untitled album will be. The track made famous from a play during Annie’s Radio One show back months and months ago by Way Out West. The Original Mix is Progressive Breaks to the ‘T.’ Wicked breaks mashed up with tribal-like drum patterns and Tibetan chants creates a whirlwind of bliss. The clam before the storm, once those horns blows in, you know this sh!t is going to be epic. To say this is dramatic may be an understatement. Everything about this track is money. From the beaks to the horns and up to the melody, the sound that’s used to create this rabbit is gorgeous. Sequencing and arrangement is superb (and you wouldn’t expect anything less from these two genus’s and btw, I an’t on their nuts…it’s just a damn fine track). So then, what the hell are you going to do once you have a track that’s close to being perfect and you still have one dark side of vinyl left to fill? A remix, yes, but do you think it’ll hold up? What are you going to do? Change it all together or strip it apart for dj use. Well, the Stoned Immaculate Mix I can say happily is the latter. Ambient, beat less mixes continue to be a force within Progressive music as of late. First half is beat less while the second half grows with a slowed down beat from the original. This mix is more frozen and still, giving this piece an intense awaking in the center of the eye. With the reprise of The Roots you see the final full length version that was used in Electric Calm V1. Sped up slightly, the low pounding snare still works well from the original. Menacing breakbeat flourishing over those temple vocals adds power. The reprise is much harder than the original in my opinion and I think it’s a bit funny that this version was used in an ambient album. A very good release off back-to-back with Trafik (they also have an artist album for GU coming up as well). For all you Sasha and Nick admires, you get the original. For all you experimental and creative djs out there, you get the ambient mix and for everyone who loved or missed the first release of “The Roots,” you get a special reprise to find out what the fuss was about the track – Sweet and sassy all around. A1: Burma (Original Mix) B1: Burma (Lostep’s Stoned Immaculate Mix) B2: The Roots (Reprise)