DJ Taye - Move Out

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  • Footwork remains an energetic genre intended for dancers—hence the unintuitive beat deconstruction, giving them more room for interpretive movement—and a major strand of Teklife's sound comes straight out of soul and R&B. In some cases, such as "I Need I Want," which features DJ Manny & DJ Spinn, from DJ Taye's Move Out, it's merely a case of lifting, chopping and looping the appropriate vocal sample from an emotive diva. In others, like this EP's instrumental title track (where garbled, distant voices are there as a chorus effect), it's in the synth riffing—melodic lines full of yearning funk at 160 BPM. The only track here that doesn't have a melancholic twinge is "Go 2 Sleep" (featuring DJ Earl), an aggressive lullaby that samples Samuel L. Jackson's reading of the children's book Go The Fuck To Sleep. Amusing as that track is, and as much as its breakdown serves the dance, there's something deeply satisfying in this type of contemporary translation of soul and R&B. This intersection is where DJ Taye excels.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Burnin Ya Boa feat. DJ Manny A2 Go 2 Sleep feat. DJ Earl B1 I Need I Want feat. DJ Manny & DJ Spinn B2 Move Out