Elmo Crumb - I'm Still Dizzy

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  • Following this year's Call Super and Ondo Fudd records, JR Seaton now emerges as Elmo Crumb, an alias that evokes the celebrated American comic artist and the Sesame Street favourite. Seaton has generally left it to the listener to decide what, if any, differences can be discerned between his different projects, and Elmo Crumb's debut on The Trilogy Tapes offers no great stylistic departure. Doffing its cap to mid-'70s reggae artist Pablo Moses, "I Man A Canary Bird" should prove a delight to lose yourself in on the dance floor. The nine minutes of richly detailed, subtly shifting techno has a strong melodic narrative, broken only by an intermittent police siren. Beginning in equally dreamy fashion, "I'm Still Dizzy" trades multi-layered psychedelia for what could cheekily be described as "Seaton doing a Perlon." The tune's snappy percussion is more prominent in the mix, atop a backdrop of ethereal oddness. As the title suggests, this one feels slippery, with the rhythm on the verge of being derailed by some mystery force. This pair of tracks deftly reaffirm Seaton's talent for crafting techno rich in character.
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      A I'm Still Dizzy B I Man A Canary Bird