Antigone - Time Enough At Last

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  • The temperature drops a few degrees the moment you put on an Antigone track, and his third Token release is no different. His style is meticulous and has a steely sheen. He's a master of technicalities. An EP like Saudade is so effective because of its intelligent design, composure and all-round sleekness. Not that his techno is over-buffed or bookish—you can totally freak out to it. Time Enough At Last is a typical Antigone head trip: squirrelly and refined, without a hair out of place. "Walking Distance" is just shy of sounding like a paranoia-induced meltdown, but Antigone keeps any rash displays pegged down tight. A few mordant bubbles escape in a rush to the surface, but that's it. Mostly, the tracks make an adroit use of dynamics and tension, which are in effect on the stealthy "Shadow Play," albeit in a more muted way. "Static" might be Antigone's most hallucinogenic effort yet. He doesn't loosen his grip, but keeps the momentum as rigorous as ever, allowing the details to do the subversive work.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Static B1 Shadow Play B2 Walking Distance