Natasha Kmeto - Pour Down

  • Published
    4 Dec 2016
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    December 2016
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  • The first thing you notice on "Pour Down" is the synths. Bold, quaking and forceful, they're an upgrade from Inevitable, which itself was a leap from Natasha Kmeto's debut album, Crisis. The vocals are another step forward. On Inevitable, the Portland artist had a commanding presence, but she sounds even more powerful on "Pour Down," especially on the storming chorus. "And I / can make it come down / pour down like the rain," she bellows, somewhere between sensual and threatening. It's an auspicious track for a self-released 7-inch, and the flipside, "Free For Tonight," is more what you'd expect from such a modest release. It's punch-drunk synth pop, with detuned trance synths—think Lorenzo Senni but less intense—that distract from Kmeto's falsetto in the first half and clash with her soaring vocals in the second. But that's a minor complaint. Kmeto continues to get better at capturing the intense energy of her live performances with every record.
  • Tracklist
      01. Pour Down 02. Free For Tonight