Imaabs - Extravío

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  • The term "industrial reggaeton" might have seemed absurd last year, but in 2016 it's starting to feel like an actual micro-genre. Something about the mechanical force of the dembow beat plays well with industrial music's metallic textures, and that's especially clear on Imaabs' Extravío EP for NAAFI. All three tracks tap the "experimental club" zeitgeist, with their apocalyptic textures and explosive sample banks, but they're also understated compared to the genre's more theatrical stuff. This is a set of tough club tools with just the right amount of chaos. The title track's built on swelling strings and vocal flourishes from fellow Chileans Felicia Morales and Lía Nadja. It can be difficult to get organic and electronic textures to gel on a track like this, but Imaabs makes them feel snug. "Mordaza" is more pared down, relying on smart drum programming and sharp sound design rather than any hook. PAN producer M.E.S.H. remixes "Extravío," stripping the original down to its scaffolding and adding layers of sci-fi ambience. Extravío is a nice barometer of what's been happening in club music this year, and all three tracks deserve plenty of play.
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      01. Extravío feat. Lía Nadja & Felicia Morales 02. Mordaza 03. Extravío feat. Lía Nadja & Felicia Morales (M.E.S.H. Remix)