Oshana - Arcadia

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  • Anthea, co-founder of Brouqade, taps Molly Oshana for the first EP on new label Partisan. The American-born Oshana has been on the rise in the growing minimal house scene, and her sets tend to be fun and breezy, with a heavy emphasis on big basslines and memorable melodies. Her productions can be a different story, though, particularly as of late. Following her loopy but irreverent Multiverse EP for Brouqade, Oshana inaugurates Partisan with three of her steeliest tracks yet. "Accelerator" is this genre's equivalent of going straight for the jugular. It's got a hard swing that feels like an elbow in the face, and there's not much melody, unless you count the eerie hum in the background. It's loopy to a fault, akin to the fussiest Romanian house tracks, and without much to set it apart. The other two tracks are the meat of Arcadia. They're warm and inviting, trading "Accelerator"'s rigid attack for a big, bass-heavy hug. "Day 21" is more spacious and trippy, and it's dynamic, with spirited bursts of hi-hat keeping it from locking into any one phase for too long. The EP closes with its best cut, "Arcadia," full of cute synth curlicues and an organ line that sounds like it's melting over the bumpy rhythm. Like Oshana's best work, its quirkiness never gets in the way of the groove.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Accelerator A2 Day 21 B1 Arcadia