UVB - For We Live By Sight

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  • "Your body feel, your body choose, your body learn, your body build," went "Dogma," the title track of UVB's first EP for Body Theory, the label he launched earlier this year. It was conceived as a place for corporeal techno that was conceptually informed but required no thought to consume. You only had to let your body lead the way. Following Life, Dogma brought UVB back to the pounding, scuzzy warehouse feel of the Berlin-based Frenchman's breakout Mord EPs. A Lie's Glory then linked a clean industrial sound with the speed and groove of '90s-era Oliver Ho (one of UVB's main influences). For We Live By Sight is Body Theory's third release, and it doubles down on the same chiseled, mechanical vein. Between "Be More Like Him," "Die On My Behalf" and "A Youthful Mistake," there's precious little deviation other than a stray synth line, a barely audible pad or a melody that seems like it's been spilt by mistake. (The only outlier, "Auto Da Fe," is noisy, post-punk-ish fare.) It's gruelling stuff, placating to those who have totally lost their minds to the dance. It all seems strange, though not entirely out of character for UVB. He's stripped down and intensified his approach, which means it also lacks some of his usual magnetism.
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      A1 Be More Like Him A2 Die On My Behalf B1 A Youthful Mistake B2 Auto Da Fe