Sporting Life - Slam Dunk, Vol. 3

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  • As Sporting Life, New York producer Eric Adiele just completed his Slam Dunk trilogy for R&S Records. Vol. 3 of the series includes a collaboration with British singer Dev Hynes, AKA Blood Orange, though their track sounds slapped together. The beat and the vocals clash uncomfortably, and it's missing the decisive songwriting that could have made it memorable. Babyfather's remix is pleasantly unhinged, however, with an idiosyncratic layer of plucked strings and Dean Blunt's oddly detached rap bars. In typical Blunt fashion, he does away with any traditional song structure, even including a 30-second interlude where the music gives way to banal dialogue. There are some juicy synth textures on "Espy," though it also feels like an unfinished rap instrumental rather than a fully formed tune. "Jumpball" is a hazy beat sketch that's endearing enough to loop for four minutes without wearing out its welcome, like something from Splazsh-era Actress. Where Slam Dunk, Vol. 1 succeeded on the strength of its subtle, inventive sample work, Vol. 3 seems less inspired. It's peppered with fresh ideas, though it's lacking the execution that would bring it together as a whole.
  • Tracklist
      01. Nothing To Hide feat. Dev Hynes 02. Jumpball 03. Espy 04. Nothing To Hide (Babyfather Honeytrap Mix) (For Shakilus)