TVe - Farewell EP

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  • TVe (AKA Cashmere or Joris Biesmans) is a self-confessed synthesiser addict. TVe is an acronym for "The Virtual escape," the name the Belgian gave a modular synth he built out of a television set in 2012. He won a couple of awards for it and has been tinkering with hardware ever since. He now lives in Berlin and works as Watergate's sound engineer. When he isn't DJing as Cashmere or performing live as TVe, he's in his studio feeding his addiction. For his first release as TVe, an EP of kooky club fodder for his new eponymous label, he's enlisted fellow hardware junkies Legowelt and ASOK for remixes. "Farewell" is the boldest track here. It's basically loungey tech house with a quirky intro, but about halfway through Biesmans fiddles with the dials: there's a guitar solo followed by a moment of noisy discourse as the track starts to collapse on itself. It returns to normal in the closing quarter but leaves an odd aftertaste. Legowelt's remix, on the other hand, is wholly satisfying. It's a skewered and slightly dissonant mix of floaty synth noodles and grungy, Bunker Records-style acid—discreetly and seductively non-conformist. "The Less It's More" is more palatable than the title track. It sounds like Biesmans' glitchy machines chewing up tape and spitting it over a deep bass groove. ASOK more or less reassembles the whole thing, re-wiring it with a horde of his own chattering machines.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Farewell A2 The Less It's More B1 The Less It's More (ASOK Remix) B2 Farewell (Legowelt Remix)