Savile - Share Power

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  • Savile is Gianpaolo Dieli, a young producer and resident DJ at Smart Bar. His music seems to tell stories from the American Midwest—in particular, subtle and grassroots ones, like the doorman-inspired title of last year's Argot split with fellow Chicagoan Olin. Dieli's latest is inspired by playing two parties in Ohio, Columbus's Midwest Fresh and Cleveland's In Training, where the atmosphere allowed for "what truly felt like a headline set, with big rave tracks and techno." This makes sense given his increasingly pumping style. Dieli's always had a handle on warm and punchy cuts, but on Share Power, he delivers two of his biggest dance floor killers yet. As a fan of labels like Trelik, Dieli says he wanted to "take that kind of minimalist approach to writing, and frame it in a distinctly Midwestern and American view." Indeed, "3 Hours In The Meat Sink" has a sharp and stripped-back step to it, but its body is flush with throbbing, soulful heat. In part, this comes from the track's big vocal: a Patti Smith sample about being present, where at one point she says, "If each generation would realize the time to be great is right now, when they're alive." After many listens, that line suddenly spoke to me after the events of November 8th. The flip side takes it easier, ending with some casual hope. "Effort Won't Betray You" is still a high-tempo pumper but softened just a bit, its wheeling percussion and searing hats taking on an almost silky feel. On the vocal skit "We've Still Got A Chance," we get a humorous soundbite of what sounds like The Black Madonna, advising listeners to stick it out as an artist. Whether or not one of the chuckling respondents is Dieli, he's arrived here with addictively driving music.
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      A1 3 Hours In The Meat Sink B1 Effort Won't Betray You B2 We've Still Got A Chance